What Are Property Management Fees and What Do They Cover?

A property manager can increase the value of your investment property by providing their professional insight, experience, and efficiency for long-lasting and sustainable success. While property management companies do charge fees for their services, they’re often well worth the expenses, headaches, and time that comes with running your own investment property. So what are property […]

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Understanding How FAS Provides Service and Value to DC Property Owners

Property managers handle many daily tasks that are invaluable to income property owners. A property manager plays an instrumental role in keeping your investment safe and your tenants satisfied. From handling emergencies to screening renters, the right property manager increases the value of your investment property in DC. FAS Management has been in business since […]

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Spring & Summer

We thought April showers brought May flowers, well adding May’s showers we should be getting a boatload of flowers in June! Spring & Summer are wonderful seasons to be outside and enjoying this great city. Please remember to close your windows when you leave your apartment and be respectful of your neighbors by keeping the […]

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Autumn is here!!!

We’ve been lucky lately with summer extending into October, but the cold winds are starting to blow. This is the time to get ready for those short, dark days ahead. First, the heat has been tuned on to all our multi-family buildings. If you see any leaks from the convectors or radiators, please report it […]

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Garbage Disposals

The number one, most frequent maintenance call we receive is for clogged or jammed garbage disposals. It is important to know disposal does not mean “Dispose-All”. While disposals are a handy tool for kitchen clean-up, they are not meant to act as trash receptacles for all leftover foods. Garbage disposals are designed to grind the […]

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