Bethesda Property Management

If you own an investment property in Bethesda, efficiently running your property is part of your success. With our experienced property management team at Fred A. Smith Management, we support your success with comprehensive management services.

When you need help managing your income property, FAS Management works with property owners in Bethesda to efficiently manage every aspect of renting out your property whether you have a duplex, multiplex, or single-family home in the area.

From Alta Vista to Westwood, our team at FAS Management provides comprehensive property management services for all types of investment properties. From maintenance to inspections and rent collection, our competent team is there to ensure your investment is running smoothly.


Experienced Hands at Navigating DC Landlord & Tenant Compliance Issues

Maximizing Your Investment & Controlling Expenses

Deep Understanding of the Ever-Changing DC Rental Market

For over 70 years, we’ve worked with clients to control expenses, fill vacancies, market their properties, and much more in Bethesda. When you need a property management team you can trust, contact us at FAS Management at (202) 337-5080 to learn more about what we offer!


FAS can professionally manage and maximize the investment potential of your property.

To discuss the advantages of our property management services or to request a property management estimate for your apartment building, please call 202.337.5080.