DuPont Circle Professional Property Management

The Fred A. Smith Company is a full service Dupont Circle property management company for townhomes, condominiums and multi-unit properties.

Professionally maintaining your rental property in Dupont Circle isn’t easy. With the fast-paced rental market, landlords today are responsible for an ever-growing body of responsibilities when it comes to their investment property.


Instead of stressing over whether or not you’re in compliance with DC rental laws, let our property experts at Fred A. Smith Management handle your investment property. Our many years in business give you peace of mind when working with us to manage your property in DuPont Circle.


Experienced Hands at Navigating DC Landlord & Tenant Compliance Issues

Maximizing Your Investment & Controlling Expenses

Deep Understanding of the Ever-Changing DC Rental Market

We manage all types of properties from apartment complexes of all sizes to single-family homes and condos. Our experience spans decades to help you find the right tenants, minimize your expenses, and keep your renters happy. Contact us for a free estimate for management of your rental property today: 202-337-5080.


FAS can professionally manage and maximize the investment potential of your property.

To discuss the advantages of our property management services or to request a property management estimate for your apartment building, please call 202.337.5080.

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