Current Tenants

If all leaseholders will be vacating, a written 30 day notice to vacate is required.

Giving Notice To Vacate

All leaseholders vacating

If all leaseholders will be vacating, a written 30 day notice to vacate is required. We do not allow mid-month move-outs, and notices MUST be received 30 days prior.

Example: If you intend to move out May 31st, a proper notice must be received, in writing by all housemates, by May 1st.

Single leaseholder vacating- roommate(s) remaining WITHOUT replacement

If you are moving out and leaving one or move roommates in the rental unit, you must provide a written 30 day notice to vacate that is signed by all household members.

If your roommates wish to continue residency without replacing you on the lease, they may be subject to re-qualifying for the apartment.

Single leaseholder vacating- roommate(s) remaining WITH replacement

The tenant leaving must provide a 30 day written notice signed by all housemates. It is your responsibility to find a replacement roommate that meets the approval of remaining housemates. The prospective replacement must then apply with our office for approval. Once approved, we will collect the addendum/transfer fee stated in your lease and draft the addendum paperwork that removes your name and adds the new housemate.

If none of the remaining housemates are on the original lease document (all added later through transfers), a new full lease document will be prepared and all leaseholders will be required to sign the new lease. The current term of the lease will remain in effect (If your previous lease was month-to-month, the new document will have the same term.

All housemates are leaving the lease early.

If you need to vacate prior to fulfilling the full term of your lease, you will be charged a $150 early termination fee. Additionally, you will be charged monthly rent for the remaining term until the apartment is re-leased.


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Rent Increases

Rent increases are determined based on a number of different criteria.

  • Rent Control – If you are in a DC rent controlled apartment, you are still subject to annual rent increases. DC regulates the amount of increase based on annual Consumer Price Index (CPI) percentages. In addition to the annual percentage allowed by DC, we evaluate current market conditions when implementing an increase.
  • Exempt Properties – Most single family homes, condominiums, and some apartments are exempt from rent control. Exempt status means that DC does not regulate the percentage of increases. Our responsibility is to ensure that rent is consistent with market rate value.


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