Selecting Your Property Manager

What to Look for When Selecting a DC Property Management Company

Top Property Management Company in Washington DCThe right property management company in DC can boost your property value, increase tenant satisfaction, and reduce unit turnover. Partnering with a professional property management team has many advantages for the long-term success of your income property.

But how can you find the best company to protect your investment and keep your single-family home or multi-unit building profitable? Here are a few things you should always consider when looking for a DC property manager!

Years of Property Management Experience

Property management involves a variety of daily tasks that can be overwhelming for landlords. For many property owners, hiring a professional property management company means leveraging their years of experience and well-organized services to enhance their investment.

At FAS Management, our company has over 70 years of experience successfully managing both individual residential properties and multi-unit buildings. We’re well-versed in the challenges that come with owning an income property in the nation’s capital, and can help you with everything from attaining the proper license to rent collection and annual inspections.


Experienced Hands at Navigating DC Landlord & Tenant Compliance Issues

Maximizing Your Investment & Controlling Expenses

Deep Understanding of the Ever-Changing DC Rental Market

Understand the Services Provided

There’s no use hiring a property management company that isn’t able to accommodate all your property’s needs. Ideally, you want a full-service agency that can handle everything your income property needs to run smoothly.

Most property owners want comprehensive property management services to minimize their responsibilities and protect their investment. By knowing what services DC property management companies offer, you can make the best decision for your needs.

Our team at FAS handles all aspects of your property management, including:

Many of our clients are clients we’ve been working with for years and maintain long-term relationships with. We have the team and the resources to keep your income properties running smoothly, which benefits you and your tenants for a better experience!

Ask About Property Maintenance and Ongoing Communication

One of the biggest challenges property owners face with their income properties in DC is how to conduct maintenance and communication with tenants. Tenants often get frustrated with the way landlords handle maintenance concerns. Knowing what to expect as far as maintenance and communication go for your property management company is essential.

Ask how they handle preventative, routine, and emergency maintenance. An experienced property manager will have an established system for promptly handling requests and keeping on top of communication with both you and your tenants. This helps ensure a positive experience for everyone!

When you work with us at FAS Management, we have an accessible online portal for tenants to use when submitting a request, or they can simply call us. Our team handles most maintenance requests within 48 hours.

We’re Your Partner in Successful DC Property Management

For all your income property needs in Washington, DC, you can count on us at FAS Management. Contact us today for a free assessment of your property and to learn more about how we can assist you at (202) 337-5080!


FAS can professionally manage and maximize the investment potential of your property.

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