Property Manager Serving Glover Park

Do you own an apartment building or a individual condo in Glover Park that you’d like help to source new tenants and manage?

As a landlord in Glover Park, you’re responsible for numerous tasks—rent collection, property maintenance, advertising for tenants and screening possible tenants, compliance with legal requirements, property inspections, and more.


When it comes to managing a rental property, let the property managers at Fred A. Smith Management take care of all these tasks and more for you in Glover Park. Our team helps you reduce vacancies, lower expenses, and increase revenue.


Experienced Hands at Navigating DC Landlord & Tenant Compliance Issues

Maximizing Your Investment & Controlling Expenses

Deep Understanding of the Ever-Changing DC Rental Market

We maintain your property and successfully carry out all tasks for your house, condo, or apartment building, including the pursuit of tenants who won’t pay the rent. We pride ourselves on having long-term clients and making your tenants as content as possible at your property in Glover Park.

We’re happy to provide a free property management estimate for you, simply get in touch at 202-337-5080.


FAS can professionally manage and maximize the investment potential of your property.

To discuss the advantages of our property management services or to request a property management estimate for your apartment building, please call 202.337.5080.

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