The Importance of Having a Property Manager to Help You Navigate Inclement Weather

The Importance of Having a Property Manager to Help You Navigate Inclement Weather

When you own an income property, having a plan in place for extreme inclement weather or a disaster is essential. To protect your tenants and your property, it’s always beneficial to have a professional property manager in your corner to prepare for, navigate, and recover from events such as these.

Whether it’s reviewing your emergency preparedness plan or having a property manager look over your home before renting it out, never underestimate the importance of having an experienced property manager to help you in the event of extreme weather. Here’s how your local property management team can help you and your tenants stay safe!

Set Communication to Ensure Everyone Is on the Same Page

For apartment complexes and other types of multi-family housing units, communication is essential during a disaster. Your property management team can help ensure everyone is one the same page when it comes to an emergency. From emails, texts, and emergency calls, having a clear communication system and protocol in place benefits everyone.

Make reviewing this protocol one of your lease requirements. This way, when severe weather strikes or an evacuation is necessary, everyone should have a basic idea of what to do, such as when to leave the property and what to do before doing so, which can help ensure everyone’s safety and the safety of your structure.

If You Own a Vacation Home or Are Away for Part of the Year…

Extreme weather often strikes when property owners aren’t home, such as during the winter with harsh ice storms or during late summer with hurricanes. If you own a vacation home that you rent out for part of the year, or are away during the colder months, have your professional property manager check on your home while you’re not there.

From heavy snows to torrential rains, a variety of components on your property can be compromised in a storm, no matter the time of year. Your property management team can even evaluate your home before you go away and advise that you get certain components fixed or secured to ensure your property is ready for the season ahead.

Get Your Property Back in Order After a Storm

Property managers play an integral role in documenting any damage that’s occurred during a storm for insurance purposes. Whether you need to get your property back in order or document damage, your property manager can help both with the paperwork and with any repairs the property needs.

Having an experienced property manager is essential if you own the property but don’t reside there or can’t check on the place, as you can’t be sure when repairs are needed. When unrepaired damage could lead to more expensive restorations as time goes on, you need a property manager you can depend on.

Do You Have a Property Manager You Can Count on?

Do you have a property manager you can count on when it comes to navigating inclement weather? Consider working with us at FAS Management for all your property management needs in the DC area. From ensuring your vacation home is ready for the hurricane season to providing your renters with an emergency preparedness plan, we’re here to help. Contact us today at (202) 337-5080!


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