FAS Protects Your Investment Property with Proactive Notification of Tenants

FAS Protects Your Investment Property with Proactive Notification of Tenants

You take precautionary measures when it comes to your investment property, but did you know that tenant notification should be among them?

Proper notification for your tenants can not only help protect your investment property, but improve communication between you and your tenants for a sustainable, mutually-beneficial relationship.

At FAS Management, we know that the right notification matters for investment property protection, which is why we’re proactive about communicating with your renters with the following notifications to keep your income property running smoothly.

When Inclement or Emergency Weather Happens

During inclement or emergency weather, sending notices to tenants via agreed-upon measures whether it’s text, e-mail, or phone call can be helpful for protecting your property.

For instance, bad weather often includes high winds, so tenants may want to move outdoor furniture to prevent it from moving around or damaging your own—or neighboring—units. Emergency weather conditions such as hurricanes can cause torrential rains which can lead to flooding, so alerting tenants can help them be aware of this risk and keep an eye on their unit.

Heavy snows can cause weight on roofs, awnings, and decks, so inform tenants to be sure they take measures to protect themselves and contact maintenance immediately if they suspect heavy snowfall is impacting the structure. 

Small Maintenance Tasks That Make a Big Difference

Notifying tenants of certain tasks or asking them to do simple maintenance duties can go a long way towards protecting your income property. For instance, ask tenants to clear gutters on a regular basis if this isn’t included in your own maintenance responsibilities.

Also, in units where sinks face outside walls, have tenants put the sinks on a slight drip when they’ll be away in the winter to prevent frozen pipes from happening and potentially causing a flood in the unit.

Having clear expectations for your tenants in regards to certain maintenance measures can make a big difference in protecting your investment!

Energy-Efficient Practices Everyone Can Benefit From

Both you and your tenants can benefit from a few energy efficient pointers. For example, by sending out notices to regularly clean or replace air filters, tenants can help reduce their energy bills by 10 percent.

In addition, tenants should be advised to not turn off the thermostat when traveling. Some tenants think this will save them some extra money, when in reality, the change in temperature can make the heating or air conditioning system work that much harder upon their return to cool the house down or heat it back up.

Maintaining an appropriate temperature in the unit can also help prevent cold damage, mold and mildew growth, and keep energy bills consistent.

FAS Protects Your Investment!

Notifications such as these help keep everyone safe. We can set up a system to email, text, or call individual tenants as well as put notifications up throughout the building. We know your property can incur damage from circumstances that could have been prevented with proactive notification.

At FAS Management, we protect your investment with appropriate communication for tenants of all ages. Contact us today to find out how our proactive solutions can enhance your investment at (202) 337-5080!

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