No Convenience Fee for Portal PaymentsNo Convenience Fee for Portal Payments

No Convenience Fee for Portal Payments

2018 will bring in new benefits to those using the online Tenant Portal.

Effective January 1, 2018 Fred A. Smith Company will pay the convenience fee of $2.95 when
you pay your rent online!

The Tenant Portal is the most convenient way to make sure your rent is paid on time. No more
possibility of the check getting lost in the mail or coming to our office when it’s freezing or
sweltering hot. Just sign on, pay and go. There is also the option of having the payments become
a recurring debit from your bank account, this way you don’t even have to think about the rent!

We also will start to accept partial & over payments. This will benefit those with roommates or
those wanting to pay before going on a trip.

If you choose to use your credit card, you will still pay the 3.25% fee to the credit card company,
we can’t help you there.

If you don’t use the Tenant Portal this is the perfect time to start. Give us a call to verify we have
the correct email & telephone number and we will send you the directions. With the portal, you
can not only pay the rent but report maintenance issues and review your ledger!

Remember the $2.95 comes off the system January 1, 2018- if you pay before January 1- you
will have to pay the $2.95 convenience fee. So be patient- pay the rent on the FIRST & save
some money! No exceptions on this.

We wish you a healthy and happy 2018 & hope this news stars off your new year with a smile!

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