Setting the Right Tone for New Tenants With Welcome Packages

Setting the Right Tone for New Tenants With Welcome Packages

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Welcoming tenants to your rental property is an important part of starting your relationship with a positive tone. A great way to help new renters feel welcome and appreciated is by making welcome packages that you can place in the unit before they move in.

A welcome package is typically a basket or a decorative box that features small gifts. By considering these bonus additions to your income property, you can help set the right tone with your tenants and let them know you’re happy they’re renting with you.

Welcome packages are affordable for most landlords and simple enough to include in the unit preparation process before the tenant moves in. Here’s how you can make your new renters feel comfortable and appreciated when moving into their new home with welcome packages!

How to Create Welcome Packages

Welcome packages can be an arrangement of essential or bonus items that your tenant can appreciate and enjoy. Some examples of things to include are:

  • A guide to the town. If tenants are from out-of-town, including a local guide or map in their welcome package can help them get to know the area better. If you know certain places that are popular among locals, you can include them in your guide to make transitioning to the area as easy as possible for your new tenant!
  • Extra supplies. Moving can get hectic, and not everyone remembers where they packed their toothbrush or hand towels after getting settled in their new home. You can include essential items such as a toothbrush and toothpaste, towels, and cleaning products to support your new renter until they can unpack all their things.
  • Snacks and beverages. Including snacks in a welcome package can be convenient for people in the process of moving. You can include water, fresh fruit, nuts, or fancier items such a bottle of wine (if tenants are of age) or sparkling water.

Your welcome packages don’t have to be extravagant—they can be simple and neatly arranged. Small items such as these help tenants feel welcomed and appreciated!

Go the Extra Mile to Make a Good Impression

If you want to go the extra mile to make tenants feel appreciated, you can get them a gift card to a local restaurant or coffee shop. Or, you can include a bouquet of flowers already arranged in a vase so they’re ready to enjoy their new home after they settle in.

You can also include a personalized note and let them know you’re looking forward to having them and give them your information. This is a great way to establish contact and let them know that they can contact you or else give them the proper numbers to call if they have any issues.

Let Tenants Know You’re Here for Them

A few other things you can do to ease your tenants’ transition into the neighborhood is to offer to introduce them to their neighbors, which can help them feel that they’re a part of the community and establish contact between residents. You can also follow up with them after they move in to ask if they have any questions or need anything. All these little things go a long way towards making tenants feel cared for!

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