Tips for Showing a Rental Property Virtually

Technology has been an immense help to those staying home as a result of the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. From healthcare appointments to team meetings, technology has empowered many people to stay connected and keep doing their jobs.

Real estate is no different, and when you have an income property that’s on the market, COVID-19 restrictions certainly pose a challenge for conducting in-person tours. However, renters are still looking for new homes and apartments, and technology can help you virtually show your property to interested tenants.

Video tours are an excellent way to let potential renters see the space. But how can you create a video tour that showcases the best about your property? Here are our top tips for showing a rental property virtually!

Clean and Clear the Space

If you currently have a tenant who’s not yet moved out, it may be impossible for you to create a video tour of a tidy space right now. You can always ask your current occupant to take a video of the home to help market your property until they’ve vacated the premises, but if you can, conduct a video tour of a cleaned-out unit.

Renters, similarly to home buyers, need to be able to visualize their things in the space. Whether your property is furnished or unfurnished, do your best to ensure the unit is tidy and clean before taking a video. A neat rental property will be much more appealing to renters than a cluttered or dirty space!

Be Mindful of Your Video Quality

You could have the most gorgeous rental property in town, but a poor video tour of the space can make renters look elsewhere. How can you ensure your video quality is up to par when posting an online tour of your rental unit?

  • Prevent a shaky video. There’s nothing worse than a shaky video, and yet, taking a video with your smartphone or tablet can lead to exactly that. Go slow when conducting the tour and keep your hands as steady as possible, using a flat surface to balance your arms if you need to.
  • Clean your camera. Go ahead and give your phone or device a quick wipe, taking care to wipe down the small camera in the back to ensure the video is as clear as possible.
  • Mute yourself if necessary. If you’re giving a guided tour or doing an interactive video call with interested tenants, then you’ll need to have your microphone on.

However, if you’re uploading pre-recorded videos of the unit, go ahead and press the mute button so that viewers don’t hear your breathing or other distracting noises. Many microphones are sensitive and will pick up on sounds people wouldn’t normally hear.

  • Turn on the lights. Your unit may or may not have great natural light, but go ahead and turn on all the lights regardless. Not only will this help improve your video quality, but it’ll also give your interested renters a better idea of the brightness of the space.

Don’t Forget to Show Amenities

Many property owners forget to show spaces that are essential parts of the unit, even if they aren’t exactly in the unit. For example, don’t forget to show amenities that may be on-site, including:

  • Laundry area
  • Parking spaces
  • Gym or outside nature trails
  • Nearby stores or restaurants

Your tenants are going to be interested to know the proximity of these areas. You can simply take pre-recorded videos of these spaces to show them and how far they are from the unit, allowing your potential tenants to view them at their leisure.

Let Our Experienced Property Managers Handle Your Virtual Tour

Creating a flattering virtual tour of your unit can be challenging, even if you’re experienced with technology. At FAS Management, our property managers can handle all your virtual tour needs for showcasing your property during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. Contact us today to find out more about our services for your income property in Washington DC at (202) 337-5080!

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