How to Show a Rental Property in the Age of the Coronavirus

How to Show a Rental Property in the Age of the Coronavirus

Peak rental season is upon us, yet with stay-at-home orders and other coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions in place, showing your rental unit is more challenging than ever.

While it’s not realistic to do in-person showings of your rental property at this time, you can still show your unit to potential tenants while abiding by public health recommendations for minimizing the spread of the virus.

So how can you effectively show your rental property in the age of the coronavirus? Here’s how you can effectively market your unit and find the right tenant even with current restrictions in place. 

Video Showings for a Virtual Tour

Even before COVID-19, video recordings of a rental property were popular. Taking a video of the entire unit and any outside areas can give interested parties a better idea of what the home is like in person as well as the location without them actually being there.

If you currently have a tenant and are unable to access the unit to take a video at this time, consider asking your existing renter to take a few videos of the space before moving out. You can always update the prerecorded walk-through of the property later once the occupant has moved out and the unit has been cleaned.

On-Site Facetime or Skype Call

When you have a potential resident who’s interested in the unit, you can give them a better idea of the space with an interactive tour: an on-site Facetime or Skype call (or any video call software you and the person choose).

You can go to the property and have a live video call with them and walk them through the unit yourself, pointing out any items of concern or interest and giving them a better idea of the views and location.

A live call also allows the potential applicant to request showing of specific areas, such as the backyard, closet space, or parking situation. A video call is the next best thing to your potential renter viewing the space in person!

Online Advertising With Plenty of Photos

Advertising your rental property online is a great idea regardless of COVID-19 precautions. You can still advertise your unit online, but considering that in-person showings aren’t practical, this is an excellent opportunity to include as many photos and videos as you can of the space.

Online advertising with plenty of photos will give potential renters a genuine feel of the property and also give you a chance to ensure they’re aware of essential factors about the space. For instance, be sure they can see how close neighbors may be, whether or not there’s a garage, if there’s a yard space for pets, or anything else people looking for a new rental home may want to know.

In your ad, offer to accommodate the interested parties with a live video call so they can “explore” the space for themselves and ask questions to know if this is the right property for them. This will also give you a chance to interact with potential renters to see if they may be a good fit!

Benefits of Virtual Rental Tours

Virtual rental tours have numerous benefits. Not only do you help uphold public health recommendations for limiting close contact to help stop the spread of the COVID-19, but you’re also able to:

  • Save time. Interested parties can immediately pick up on things that appeal to them or identify “deal-breakers” without ever leaving their home, which can prevent you from wasting time with an in-person showing.
  • Market to serious renters. Without an in-person tour, you have much less of a chance of people showing up just because they can. Instead, only parties that are seriously interested will take you up on your offer for a live call.
  • Attract people who are out-of-town. If someone is moving to the area from another town or state, virtual tours give them a way to avoid traveling and stay safe while still touring the rental property.

Need Help With Showing Your Unit Virtually? Get in Touch With Us!

As COVID-19 regulations continue, it can feel challenging to market your rental property. However, showing your unit via virtually has its benefits. Need help showing your DC property virtually? The team at FAS Management is here for you. Call us today at (202) 337-5080 to find out more about how we can help!

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