What Does It Mean for Your Property to Be Rent Ready?

What Does It Mean for Your Property to Be Rent Ready?

Whether you’ve been renting out your income property for years or this is your first time as a landlord, it can be a lot of work to get a property ready to rent.

Even if your unit is in good condition or is a new-construction build, not every property is automatically considered to be rent ready.

So what does it mean for your property to be ready to rent? Here are a few things you need to do before putting your unit on the market!

You’ve Attained the Proper Licenses and Inspections

Washington DC has strict requirements in place for rental units. Even if you have a basement or in-law suite you’re trying to rent out, you still need to attain the proper licenses and inspections for your property to legally be ready to rent.

Make sure your unit is up-to-code regarding violations in the district or with your rental license. At the minimum, you need a Residential Housing license, a Basic Business License, and you must have the property registered as either exempt or non-exempt from rent control.

The Unit Has Been Professionally Cleaned

You should always have your rental unit professionally cleaned, even if you think it’s not that dirty. Hire a professional cleaning company to come in and do a thorough cleaning, including getting behind the appliances and cleaning out spaces where food has been, such as the fridge and cabinets.

Not only will a professionally-cleaned rental unit better appeal to potential renters, but it’ll help minimize any issues your new tenants may have with the property when they do move in.

All Appliances Have Been Tested

Check the appliances to be sure they’re working as expected. Faulty appliances can not only cost you money in repairs and even energy bills, but could present potential safety hazards and liabilities. You should also take the time to ensure all outlets are working properly and that the heating and AC units are operating as expected.

You’ve Painted and Replaced Carpet

A new coat of paint can not only cover scuff marks from furniture and pictures, but can make the unit appear brighter and newer. Painting is one of the most cost-effective ways to transform your unit and can contribute to a clean look that renters will appreciate.

You should also have the carpet professionally cleaned, or consider replacing it if it appears dated or has stains that won’t come out. Carpet is another expense that can be well worth it when it comes to marketing your unit! 

The Landscaping Has Been Taken Care Of

If your rental property has landscaping needs, be sure they’re taken care of before putting your property on the market. You can’t consider your property to be rent ready if the grass isn’t cut or you haven’t mulched for the past two years.

This is where professional services can again make a big difference—have a landscaping company trim back trees and bushes, plant flowers, and keep the lawn looking nice. You’ll be able to better market your unit and renters will appreciate these finishing touches!

Time to Put It on the Market!

Once you’ve done all of the above items, it’s time to put your property on the market! At FAS Management, we have experience assisting property owners of all types of units with getting their properties ready to rent. Whether you need help attaining the proper licensure or turning over your units, we’re there to help. Contact us today at (202) 337-5080!

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