How FAS Saves Money for DC Residential Building Owners

How FAS Saves Money for DC Residential Building Owners

Fred A. Smith (FAS) Management has been helping residential building owners in DC increase the value of their property and save money for the last 40 years.

We’ve been partnering with landlords to deliver the best service to tenants and improve the efficiency and success of their DC rentals. How does our team at FAS help residential building owners cut costs and increase profitability?

Proactive Inspections to Prevent Problems

While DC will inspect individual apartment units for peeling paint and cleanliness, FAS will conduct what we call a proactive inspection.

During our proactive inspections, we assess every detail of the interior and exterior of your rental to ensure it’s well maintained. Our regular inspections help prevent issues that can not only make your tenants unhappy, but lead to unexpected and pricey repair costs.

Our proactive inspections can uncover appliance issues, gas leaks, water damage, and much more to help you better control your expenses and ensure your rental unit is safe and up-to-code.

FAS Gets the Right Vendors at the Right Price

You could be paying too much for your building’s maintenance services and not even know it. When residential building owners partner with FAS Management, they gain buying power to get the right vendors at the right price.

We help our clients save money for things such as garbage disposal and trash services, plumbers, and electricians. We can even negotiate with your existing vendors on your behalf to lower your existing costs with them.

Our buying power allows you to keep your services the same or change vendors to gain more value at a better price—putting more money in your pocket every month.

We Keep an Eye on Building Utilities

Our team also keeps an eye on your building utilities. Residential building owners who only own one property or who are new property owners might not be aware of what good rates for their utilities are. Our experienced team can help with this.

Monitoring your utility rates is essential both for new owners and for those who think they may not be getting a fair or accurate rate. Our property managers can help you understand what you’re being charged for and why. The monitoring services we provide can be especially beneficial for residential building owners in DC who have numerous properties.

FAS Management also helps landlords to better manage their utility expenses, whether they want the tenant to set up and manage their own utilities when renting the unit or if the property owner prefers to manage the process.

Is It Time for Professional DC Property Management?

Don’t waste any more time or money attempting to manage all the details of your rental property while tenants complain about things that haven’t been addressed. When you’re ready to get the most out of your residential rental property in DC, contact us at FAS Management.

Our professional property managers help you maximize the value of your residential building so you keep more of what you’re earning and facilitate a better experience for your tenants. Find out more about our residential property management services: (202) 337-5080.


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