What DC Neighborhoods Represent the Strongest Rental Markets?

What DC Neighborhoods Represent the Strongest Rental Markets?

With over 11,000 people moving into Washington DC every year, there’s certainly a demand for places to rent. People are looking for neighborhoods that provide a mix of quiet spaces, access to public transportation, and exciting things to do and see on the weekends.

What DC neighborhoods represent the strongest rental markets? The following areas are popular among professionals, families, and creative people moving to the city!


The Shaw neighborhood has become one of the trendiest areas in Washington DC. Located in central Northwest DC, Shaw is an energetic community with a multicultural atmosphere and vibrant night life.

Young professionals love its international restaurants and many places to grab a craft beer. This popular area also includes the Shaw Historic District and consists of Victorian row homes and newer apartment complexes for people to rent.

Logan Circle

Located between Dupont Circle and Shaw, Logan Circle is another contemporary DC neighborhood. Offering boutique shops and a range of performing arts events in the area, Logan Circle appeals to residents and visitors alike.

Named for its traffic circle, the Logan Circle neighborhood also consists of 14th Street in Northwest DC, which offers a huge variety of restaurants, shops, and attractions which make it one of the most popular areas to rent.

Union Station

The area surrounding Union Station is more than a transportation hub. It’s an up-and-coming neighborhood with areas that have more of a serene feel and beautiful tree-lined streets.

Visitors have their pick of hotels in the area while residents can enjoy the many new eateries that are always opening. People love the look of the old Victorian town houses on charming streets, and being close to two Metro stations and bike stations.

The area around Union Station is quickly growing with new apartment and commercial buildings to mix with its historic homes.

Columbia Heights

Columbia Heights is known for its beautiful parks and prestigious location in Northwest DC, along with its retail shops and diverse community. This neighborhood attracts an eclectic mix of business and creative professionals who love the many great places to eat and enjoy.

This DC community contains charismatic historic buildings and is known for its busy weekend activity with families going out to eat and exploring the area by bike. The Columbia Heights neighborhood is expected to experience strong growth in Washington DC.

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