Case Study: FAS Renovates Client DC Income Rental Property

Case Study: FAS Renovates Client DC Income Rental Property

FAS Management was able to help a single-family home get in compliance for renting in the northeast area of Washington DC.

This individual home hadn’t been rented out before, and family members had inherited the property. As new owners of the property, they decided to rent out the home do-it-yourself style.


Renting out the home in this way posed a few issues. First, the property wasn’t renovated and had some key structural and cosmetic problems affecting the safety of the structure. These issues included cracked windows in addition to a cracked basement foundation, both safety as well as liability issues for the home. The interior of the home was also outdated and needed to be renovated.

Secondly, their license to rent out the property had expired. As a result of these issues, their property wasn’t in compliance with DC law, and the tenant had actually stopped paying rent. The property owners needed support to get their property into rentable condition, as well as secure the necessary documents to actually rent out the property.


The team at FAS performed a thorough home inspection, reviewing all items and taking on the necessary work to bring it up to code and to be able to be rented out, including a facelift to the property. By the time FAS was finished with the house, the kitchen had been renovated, windows and floors replaced, and the bathrooms updated. The property owners also secured their licensed to rent.

The property is now ready to be rented out and is in compliance with DC rental laws, and due to the improved condition of the house, the owners can get more money for their monthly rent.

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