Applicant Information

Submitting an Application

  • Complete the full application package and attach two current pay-stubs if available.
    • Self-employed applicants should include their two most recent 1040s.
    • Applicants receiving living-expenses stipend should include stipend.
  • All applications require $50 application-fee (cash, certified checks or money orders only).
  • Paper applications submitted remotely require notarization.

Application Process

  • Credit history evaluation.
  • Sufficient steady income required, totaling twice the monthly rent (gross).
  • Landlord references required (if applicable).
  • Landlord/Tenant court case search.

Once Approved

  • Holding the property until move-in requires first-month’s-rent payment.
  • Certified checks or money-orders required.


Please bring:

  • Government-issued photo-ID.
  • Certified funds totaling first-month rent, security-deposit, and move-in fee.